Film Songs

  • Mis Spell Name

  • Baby
  • Genre

  • Thriller
  • Production House

  • Crouching Tiger, Cape of Good Films, Friday Filmworks, T- Series, White Hill Studios (North America)
  • Producer

  • Bhushan Kumar, Aruna Bhatia, Shital Bhatia, Krishan Kumar
  • Director

  • Neeraj Pandey
  • Composer

  • M. M. Kreem (M. M. Keeravani ), Meet Bros Anjjan
  • Censor Date

  • 15/01/2015
  • Censor Year

  • 2015
  • Released date

  • 23/01/2015
  • Released Year

  • 2015



Censor Board Details (Central Board of Film Certification)

  • Certificate No :

  • UA 0000
  • Certificate Date :

  • 15/01/2015
  • Office :

  • Mumbai
  • Guage :

  • -
  • Length :

  • 10935 Feet 3645 Meters
  • Duration :

  • 135 Minutes
  • Reels :

  • 12
  • Color :

  • Coloured
  • Native Language :

  • Hindi
  • Dubbed Languages:

  • Another Language



Cast Details Story Songs
  • Producer : Bhushan Kumar , Aruna Bhatia , Shital Bhatia , Krishan Kumar
  • Director : Neeraj Pandey
  • Writer : Neeraj Pandey
  • Screenwriter- screenplay : Neeraj Pandey
  • Editor : Neeraj Pandey
  • Dialog Writer : Neeraj Pandey
  • Composer : M. M. Kreem (M. M. Keeravani ) , Meet Bros Anjjan
  • Lyricist : Manoj Muntashir
  • Actor : Akshay Kumar , Rana Duggabati , Anupam Kher , Kay Kay Menon , Danny Denzongpa
  • Actress : Taapsee Pannu
The plot follows the last mission of Baby; a temporary task force headed by Feroz Ali Khan (Danny Denzongpa) formed in response to the 2008 Mumbai attacks whose job is to find and eliminate terrorists who are planning attacks in India. While attempting to rescue a fellow Indian security agent in Turkey, Ajay Singh Rajput (Akshay Kumar) captures a traitor, Jamal (Karan Anand), who formerly worked under Ajay and threatens to kill his family unless he gives him the information about the terror attack plan. Ajay is told about a terrorist plot to cause a bomb blast in a Delhi mall, which he and Jai (Rana Daggubati) are able to prevent. In the process, Ajay learns that this was only the first, of a series of massive attacks that have been planned. Pakistan based terrorist mastermind, Maulana (Rasheed Naz), is causing trouble near the India-Pakistan border. He plans and executes a daring prison escape plan for Bilal Khan (Kay Kay Menon). A team of officers, led by Ajay, is dispatched to interrogate Taufiq (Jameel Khan), an ISI agent posing as a local Muslim leader. Ajay manages to get information on the local contact Javed after torturing him. They go to Javed's hideout, but things go haywire when all of the squad members except Ajay are killed in an explosion, along with Javed. They are able to retrieve a name from Javed's laptop, and to collect further information from that terrorist logistics planner, Ajay and Shabana Khan (Taapsee Pannu) travel to Nepal pretending to be husband and wife. Their plan to capture the logistics planner Wasim Sheikh (Sushant Singh) goes awry when he finds out that Shabana is an undercover agent. Still, Shabana manages to hold Wasim, and Ajay arrives to find that Shabana has knocked him unconscious. As per the information given by Wasim, Feroz sends Ajay, Jai and Shukla (Anupam Kher) to meet their deep asset Ashfaq (Mikaal Zulfiqar) in Saudi, Al-Dera, where Bilal is holding meetings to discuss the funding and execution of their plans. With Shukla's help. Ajay and Jai break into Bilal's room after his meeting and kills him. As they are about to return, they find that Maulana is also present at the suite. Jai knocks him out, and they decide to bring him back to India, under the pretext that he is Ashfaq's uncle who needs to visit India for an urgent liver transplant. They manage to get a visa from the local authorities for Maulana (being shown as Ashfaq's ill uncle). Soon, the hotel security discovers the corpse of Bilal. The police authorities put the Police Chief Hani Mohammad in charge of investigating the crime. He attempts to track down the murderers quickly and identifies them as Indian agents. He then contacts ATC to stop the plane boarded by Ajay and his team, but when he sees a newspaper which reveals that Maulana and Bilal were terrorists and had an international bounty on their head, he smiles and lets the plane take off. A narrative says that Maulana is finally brought to India. This is kept a secret. After six weeks of interrogation, when all required information is extracted from him & he has nothing left to disclose, he is handed over to the Indian Army & taken to Srinagar. The narrative says that he is given the same treatment by the army as is given to militants (it is implied that he was eliminated). The trial run is successful, and Baby is given permanent status. The team celebrates it.