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किस किसको प्यार करूं
Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon

  • Mis Spell Name

  • Kis Kis ko Pyaar Karoon, Kis Kis ko Pyar Karun
  • Genre

  • Comedy
  • Production House

  • Venus Records & Tapes, United Seven, Abbas-Mustan Films, Production Pvt. Ltd.
  • Producer

  • Ganesh Jain, Ratan Jain
  • Director

  • Abbas-Mustan Burmawalla
  • Composer

  • Amjad-Nadeem ( Nadeem-Amjad), Dr. Zeus
  • Censor Date

  • 22/12/2014
  • Censor Year

  • 2015
  • Released date

  • 18/09/2015
  • Released Year

  • 2015



Censor Board Details (Central Board of Film Certification)

  • Certificate No :

  • UA 0000
  • Certificate Date :

  • 22/12/2014
  • Office :

  • Mumbai
  • Guage :

  • -
  • Length :

  • 10935 Feet 3645 Meters
  • Duration :

  • 135 Minutes
  • Reels :

  • 12
  • Color :

  • Coloured
  • Native Language :

  • Hindi
  • Dubbed Languages:

  • Another Language



Cast Details Story Songs
  • Producer : Ganesh Jain , Ratan Jain
  • Director : Abbas-Mustan Burmawalla
  • Writer : Dheeraj Sarna
  • Composer : Amjad-Nadeem ( Nadeem-Amjad) , Dr. Zeus
  • Lyricist : Shabbir Ahmed , Arafat Mehmood
  • Actor : Kapil Sharma , Arbaaz Khan , Varun Sharma
  • Actress : Manjari Fadnis , Simran Kaur Mundi , Elli Avram , Sai Kumari , Supriya Pathak
This film starts with a voiceover of the explanation of marriage and how it has changed peoples lives. Then, it takes it straight to the one and only Kumar Shiv Ram Kishan's life. It has been shown how Kumar marries three different women in an accidental way – Juhi, Anjali and Simran – in order to prevent them from committing suicide. Without letting them know about each other, he makes excuses to spend one night with each wife. On the advice of his friend, Karan, he buys three flats on different floors of the same building for his wives, and Kumar and Karan experience unlikely situations as a result. Kumar also has a girlfriend, Deepika, who he wants to marry, and Deepika's father accepts Kumar as his son-in-law. One evening before Karva Chauth (a one-day festival where women fast for the safety of their husbands), Deepika's father sees Kumar with his three wives, one-at-a-time, but Kumar passes it off as an April Fool trick played by the women. Deepika's father again suspects Kumar when he sees Kumar's photo and believes him to be engaged to a female employee. Deepika and Kumar decide to marry in court to avoid tensions. However, another complication arises as Kumar's estranged parents reconcile, realize they each know their son to have a different wife, then learn he's to marry Deepika. Karan and Deepika wait a long time at the courthouse; when Kumar does arrive, he sees his three wives – who have become good friends with Deepika – and has to hide. Karan tells Deepika and the wives that the groom went to a hospital to help a friend, and to postpone the marriage by two days. The wives leave and Kumar comes out saying it's okay and they can marry, stopping Deepika when she tries to call her friends. He suggests going to a temple to marry, and sends Karan to bring what they'll need. Deepika's father brings Kumar and Deepika to his office and confronts his employee. The woman denies that Kumar is her fiancé, and Deepika's father realizes the photo had been left by his daughter. Deepika's father decides to fire his employee for making him doubt his future son-in-law, but Kumar saves her job and Deepika's father decides to celebrate the marriage. Everyone arrives on the day of the marriage, all made to wear marriage clothes so that they can't recognize Kumar or each other. However, Anjali's brother Tiger Bhai is in search of a guy, and makes everyone to put down their pagri (turbans, with veils concealing their faces). Kumar hesitates when it is his turn, but Tiger's men bring the guy and Kumar is spared. The marriage ceremony continues. By chance, Kumar's face passes in front of a fire and he is exposed. Kumar explains that he didn't break heart with his three wives – that they forcefully made him marry, without listening to him or asking if he was married, that he couldn't leave them to commit suicide, and confesses his deep regret at breaking the heart of his true love, Deepika. Everyone cries and Kumar's mother hugs him tightly while Deepika's father asks Deepika for her choice. At the end, all four wives are shown accepting each other, with only Tiger left in confusion.