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द ताशकंद फ़ाइल
The Tashkent Files

  • Mis Spell Name

  • The Tashkent Files
  • Genre

  • Drama
  • Production House

  • SP Cine Corperation
  • Producer

  • Haresh Patel, Vivek Agnihorti
  • Director

  • Vivek Agnihorti
  • Composer

  • -
  • Censor Date

  • 26/03/2019
  • Censor Year

  • 2019
  • Released date

  • 12/04/2019
  • Released Year

  • 2019



Censor Board Details (Central Board of Film Certification)

  • Certificate No :

  • DIL/2/147/2019-MUM
  • Certificate Date :

  • 26/03/2019
  • Office :

  • Mumbai
  • Guage :

  • -
  • Length :

  • 12696 Feet 4232 Meters
  • Duration :

  • 144 Minutes
  • Reels :

  • 14
  • Color :

  • Coloured
  • Native Language :

  • Hindi
  • Dubbed Languages:

  • Another Language



Cast Details Story Songs
  • Producer : Haresh Patel , Vivek Agnihorti
  • Director : Vivek Agnihorti
  • Writer : Vivek Agnihorti
  • Screenwriter- screenplay : Vivek Agnihorti
  • Dialog Writer : Vivek Agnihorti
  • Editor : Vivek Agnihorti
  • Cinematography : Vivek Agnihorti
  • Actor : Mithun Chakraborty , Naseeruddin Shah , Pankaj Tripathi , Vinay Pathak , Ankur Vikal , Prakash Base
  • Actress : Shweta Basu Prasad , Mandira Bedi , Pallavi Joshi
Qasim KRachit Gupta of The Times of India rated the film with two and a half stars out of five and praised its theme but lamented the lack of talent in its characters, despite a star-studded cast. Criticizing its direction, story-telling and songs, he concluded that:- "It also doesn’t help that the final slide of the movie tells the audience that the authenticity of all the facts displayed in the film cannot be verified." Devesh Sharma of Filmfare gives the film two and half stars out of five and noted the film to be a 'melodramatic' episode with loud and over the top acting coupled with bombastic dialogues. He further notes the film to be biased against a certain political party and that it ought have been launched after the national elections, which were running concurrently Prashant Sisodia of NDTV India gave the film 3 out 5 stats whilst Shashank Shekhar of Desimartini gave the film 4.5 out 5. Rahul Desai writing for Film Companion rated the film with one star out of five. Noting it to be a 'PhD. in whataboutery', he noted the film to be "not informed enough to be a documentary, not balanced enough to be a docudrama and not smart enough to be an investigative thriller." Writing for, Nandini Ramnath noted it to be a politically motivated film that did not have any rigor and failed to be an effective conspiracy thriller. Saibal Chatterjee, writing for NDTV rated the film with half star out of five and noted it to be an example of Google search film-making and concludes "Well, the actors may not be trash, but their performances scrape the bottom of the barrel. And the film? If you still haven't got it, it is JUNK."[26] A review over India Today rated it one out of five stars and noted it to be a politically motivated film that did not have any logic and might be easily dispensed with. A review over The Hindu noted it to be an ideological slideshow that exploited Shastri's death to attack left, secular and socialist ideologies and institutions and though based on an engaging topic, was a 'hotch-potch of hearsay, juvenile arguments' that ultimately lend to utter confusion rather than any conviction. Another review over News18 India rated it one out of five stars and noted it to be a politically motivated film with unconvincing arguments and made for a dull watch. A review in The First Post asserted it to be a politically motivated film and rated it two out of five stars. Noting Agnihotri to neither have the finesse nor the potency to sketch a conspiracy thriller, the reviewer deemed it to be a cheap trick, that was high on hysteria but lacked logic amidst a focus-less frenzied storytelling that did not venture beyond the realms of Google. A review in The Indian Express deemed it to be an ideal fiction film for the 'post-truth, fake news era' that was politically motivated in entirety and consisted of a series of eye-roll moments with unintentionally hilarious dialogues. The Print reviewed it to be a shoddy jab at film-making that harnessed a mish-mash of unformed characters and incomplete plots whilst lacking factual logic. Jyoti Sharma Bawa, reviewing for The Hindustan Times rated it one out of five stars whilst noting it to be disgusting political propaganda that hardly contained any truth and presented nothing new beyond the realms of an internet-crawl. Bollywood Hungama gave one and a half stars out of five. Anusha Iyengar, reviewing for Times Now gave two out of five stars, praising its story but criticizing its over-the-top dramatization and attempt at storytelling, that was amateurish. A review over criticized the film as an endless cycle of whataboutery, directed by a dedicated by a historical revisionist, which was nothing but an assault on common sense. Manavi Kapur, reviewing the film at Business Standard, noted it to be shoddily written, that was not even worthy enough for a daytime opera slot. Mid-Day gave one and a half stars out of five and noted it to be a poorly researched dull work, that seemed to have been wholly derived from internet and esp. social media. Shilajit Mitra, reviewing for The New Indian Express remarked it to be an exhausting head-spin of a movie, that went increasingly weird with the passage of time. Deeming it to be a poorly executed political propaganda, he rated one and a half stars out of five.[38] Stutee Ghosh of The Quint reviewed it to be a prejudiced, amateurish and cringe-worthy film with an uninspiring storytelling that banked on crowd-sourced research and ultimately failed to engage the viewer. She rated one star out of five.hallow