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यारा सिली सिली
Yaara Silly Silly

  • Mis Spell Name

  • Yara Silly Silly
  • Genre

  • Romance
  • Production House

  • Focus Media, Movee Dream
  • Producer

  • Reena Bhushan Suri, Neena Subhash Sehgal
  • Director

  • -
  • Composer

  • Ankit Tiwari
  • Censor Date

  • 04/10/2015
  • Censor Year

  • 2015
  • Released date

  • 06/11/2015
  • Released Year

  • 2015



Censor Board Details (Central Board of Film Certification)

  • Certificate No :

  • UA 0000
  • Certificate Date :

  • 04/10/2015
  • Office :

  • Mumbai
  • Guage :

  • -
  • Length :

  • 10935 Feet 3645 Meters
  • Duration :

  • 135 Minutes
  • Reels :

  • 12
  • Color :

  • Coloured
  • Native Language :

  • Hindi
  • Dubbed Languages:

  • Another Language



Cast Details Story Songs
  • Producer : Reena Bhushan Suri , Neena Subhash Sehgal
  • Writer : Rajeev Yogendranath
  • Dialog Writer : Subhash Sehgal
  • Composer : Ankit Tiwari
  • Lyricist : Sandeep Nath
  • Actress : Paoli Dam , Parambrata Chatterjee
A sex worker and her client meet each other after having spent a night together before. Through a journey, they discover each other and a relationship that changes their lives forever. A night with Soumitra Roy aka Sammy (Parambrata Chatterjee) changes the life of a call-girl named Mallika (Paoli Dam). Soumitra accidentally lands up at Mallika's place of work to spend the night with her due to the insistence of his two friends who insist he "needs to gain some experience." Numerous hilarious scenes follow after which the couple enjoy a refreshing outing together during the night. The couple then incidentally meets up again after five years during a train journey from Mumbai to New Delhi where those fond memories are rekindled and their romance blossoms. Mallika (now called Devanshi) misses her train to Kota, where she runs a home for under-privileged girls after having left her job at the brothel in Mumbai. She boards the next train to Delhi and bumps into Soumitro, who is going to New Delhi. Incidentally, they travel in the same coupe in AC First Class in the train and reminisce their earlier moments. She is a much changed woman now after the rustic and vulgar sounding brothel girl. This was possible due to her meeting Sammy, who brought about a total change in her. He said that he is married to Akshara (Vidya Malvade) and she stays in Delhi and is an aspiring Municipal Corporator. When they reach Delhi, Devanshi alights and goes missing. Sammy tries hard to search for her at the railway platform but fails to do so. In fact, he liked Devanshi and wanted to settle down with her but she thought that she would intrude into his married life, whereas Sammy had actually separated from Akshara two years ago, which he did not inform Devanshi during the train journey. Now they were just friends and not a couple. Sammy came in contact with his twin soul but lost her out forever.