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Trilok Kapoor

Trilok Kapoor Gender: Male
Date of birth: 01 Jan 1912
Date of birth: 23 Sep 1988
Age: 76

Born in Peshawar, Trilok Kapoor did his initial studies in Peshawar. Trilok came to Calcutta in 1928 and later shifted to Mumbai and joined his brother Prithviraj. In Mumbai, he got his debut movie Char Darvesh. After that, for some time, Trilok joined director Hem Chandra as an assistant. The 1940s-50s were the time when mythological movies dominated the Bollywood. In Vijay Bhatt's movie Ramayana Trilok played the character of Lord Shiva and Nirupa Roy played Parvati. After that they got many opportunities in the mythological films to act as Shiva-Parvati. Some worth mentioned movies were Shiv Shakti, Shiv Kanya, Jai Mahadev, Ganesh Janma, Ganesh Mahima and Har-Har Mahadev. The markets were flooded with the calendars and posters of Trilok-Nirupa as Shiva-Parvati Brother of Prithviraj Kapoor, father of Vijay Kapoor. His grandson is Sanjay Kapoor the CEO of Talking Pictures Productions in Bahrain. Sanjay is the son of director Vijay Kapoor. Vijay Kapoor has another son named Ajay Kapoor. Ajay Kapoor is the Executive Director at Indra Media Pvt Ltd. Ajay is Zee Sports - Head of Programming. Ajay has also been a producer of several drama series. He has also been the Nimbus Television - Creative Director. Ajay has also been the producer of Ten Sports. Director Vijay Kapoor also has a daughter named Anuradha settled in India. Anuradha has a daughter settled in Australia. Road named in Chembur where he stayed after him and is called Trilok Kapoor Marg. His great granddaughter, Simran Kapoor studies biochemistry at the University of Edinburgh. Acted as hero opposite Noor Jahan in Mirza Sahiban, her last film in India in 1947 before Noor Jahan moved to Pakistan. Born: 1912, Peshawar, Pakistan Died: 23 September 1988 Parents: Dewan Basheswarnath Singh Kapoor Children: Vicky Kapoor, Vijay Kapoor Siblings: Prithviraj Kapoor