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चलो सहेली-2, चलो रे साथी-2, ... होली के दिने दिल खिल जाते हैं, रंगो में...
Chalo Saheli - 2, Chalo Re Saathee - 2, ... Holee Ke Dine Dil Khil Jate Hain, Rango Mein...

  • Lyricist

  • Anand Bakshi
  • Asst. Composer

  • Basu, Basu Manohari
  • Singer

  • Lata Mangeshkar
  • Composer

  • R. D. Burman( Pancham) Rahul Dev Burman
  • Movie Name:

  • Sholay
  • Release Year:

  • 1975




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In the nondescript village of Ramgarh, retired police officer Thakur Baldev Singh and the villagers live under the threat of the notorious dacoit Gabbar Singh. The Thakur is driven by just one idea: vengeance. He has lost his entire family, save for one daughter-in-law, to the bandit's brutality. He vows to end the menace of Gabbar Singh. But for that he needs help, since he himself has been left crippled by the dacoit. So he summons a pair of small-time thieves - Veeru and Jai - whom he had once arrested and who, he believes, would be willing to take up the task of nabbing Gabbar Singh for a reward of Rs 50,000. The Thakur offers them an additional sum to capture the dacoit alive. The duo agree and arrive in Ramgarh, where the jovial Veeru and cynical Jai find themselves liking the new place and caring for the villagers and their safety. Veeru gets attracted to the feisty local horse-cart driver Basanti. Jai on the other hand is drawn to Radha, the Thakur's reclusive, widowed daughter-in-law. The two ne'er-do-wells eventually find themselves face to face with Gabbar Singh and his ravenous gang while the residents of Ramgarh find themselves under looming threat of an attack. Will Thakur Baldev Singh be able to avenge the murder of his kin and end this feud once and for all?
This was a Super Duper hit film, it was the first film to run in the same cinema house (In a Maratha Mandir) for 6 consecutive years. 70mm and stereo sound.