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India is the leader in producing the highest number of Films annually, with movies in over 20 languages. Of these, the greatest number of movies are made in the Hindi language. The movies in Hindi language, popularly known as 'Bollywood', are majorly musicals. Supplementing its increasing global recognition, the songs in these movies are as popular as the movie itself.

Films Songs provides you the most comprehensive information on Indian Movies in the Hindi language and its songs. We also offer you an extensive database of Hindi Cinema aka Bollywood to search from, compiled from the cinema's inception in 1913. You can also search for the songs associated with the movies since 1930, which was when the Films got their voices.

For each Movie listing on our site, we display the movie’s Cast and Crew names (such as the producer, director, actor, music director or composer, lyricist and production house), duration of the film, Censor Board Details and Genre.

We also list all the songs in the movies, with detailed information on the singer(s), lyricist and music composer for each song.

You can also search for your favorite songs based on the singer, movie, music composer or lyricist.

We have also introduced the ability for you to search within the entire database in Hindi. You can type in Hindi using our online keyboard and search within all the listed content . Furthermore, all our pages display information in English as well as Hindi. This is the first website to offer you the ability to search detailed content in both languages.