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The Border Thief

The Border Thief (1931)

Genre: Action
Actress: Radharani
Actor: D. N. Ganguly
The Lost Child

The Lost Child (1931)

Actress: Devaki
The Lady Teacher

The Lady Teacher (1922)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Dhiren Ganguly
The Noble Scamp

The Noble Scamp (1925)

Genre: Costumes
To- Day

To- Day (1933)

Genre: Saamajik
The Stinder Stung

The Stinder Stung (1921)

Genre: Others
Tridandi Sanyas

Tridandi Sanyas (1921)

Genre: Mythological
Tara The Dancer

Tara The Dancer (1922)

Genre: Costumes
Director: J. J. Madan
Actress: Miss Chanda
Actor: P. Ch. Bose, Patience Cooper